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Anna T. Höglund

Anna T. Höglund

Anna T. Höglund
Senior Lecturer in Nursing Ethics and Gender Studies
Associate Professor of Ethics

Anna T. Höglund is senior lecturer in nursing ethics and gender studies. She has worked extensively on the question of ethical competence for health care practitioners. Related research areas are moral distress in clinical settings and prioritization in health care.  She has also published substantially on the topic of gender and ethics. She holds an undergraduate degree in Arts (1997) and a doctoral degree in Theology (2001) from Uppsala University. She became Associate Professor of Ethics in 2006.

E-mail: anna.hoglund@crb.uu.se
Phone: +46 18 471 62 28


PhD and licentiate supervision

  • Erica Falkenström, Stockholm University, Department of Education: Developing ethical competence in health care management (PhD 2012)

Recently in the media

Selected publications


Höglund AT, Gender and the War on Terrorism. The Justification of War in a Post-9/11 Perspective, Skrifter från Centrum för genusvetenskap/Crossroads of Knowledge 13, Uppsala universitet 2010. 248 pp. Order from: publications@gender.uu.se

Höglund AT, Inga lätta val. Om riktlinjer och etisk kompetens vid prioriteringar i vården. En studie i empirisk etik (No Easy Choices. On Guidelines and Ethical Competence in Priority Setting in Health Care. A Study in Empirical Ethics), Uppsala Studies in Faiths and Ideologies 15. Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis 2005. 176 pp.

Höglund AT, Reflektioner över etik och prioriteringar i vården – intervjuer med vårdpersonal (Reflections on Ethics and Priority Setting in Health Care – Interviews with Health Care Providers), Rapport 2003:7, Linköping: Prioriteringscentrum, 2003, 86 pp.

Höglund AT, Krig och kön. Feministisk etik och den moraliska bedömningen av militärt våld (War and Gender. Feminist Ethics and the Moral Judgement of Military Violence), Uppsala Studies in Social Ethics 26, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Uppsala 2001. 290 pp.


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Who calls Swedish Health Care Direct '1177'?

[2015-01-13] For some time now, all Swedish regions have been connected to the telenursing service Swedish Healthcare Direct (SHD), or ‘1177'. But does that mean we have equitable access to health care? Perhaps not. A recent study shows that both language and gender influences who uses the service.

Anna T. Höglund new adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for equal treatment

[2014-09-09] Anna T. Höglund, Associate Professor of Ethics and Senior Lecturer in Nursing Ethics and Gender Studies is the new adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for equal treatment.

Telenursing challenges inequalities

[2014-09-05] In a study from Uppsala University, Roya Hakimnia, Inger K. Holmström, Marianne Carlsson and Anna T. Höglund analyzed 20 calls made to 1177 (Swedish Healthcare Direct).

According to them, telenursing could potentially challenge inequalities in health care.  Through better awareness of gender biases and the callers’ different resources for making themselves heard, the communication might become more equal and better suitable for all callers.

Current research

DNR decisions within oncology and hematology care. Clinical and ethical perspectives (PhD Project)

Gender aspects in telenursing

Factors associated with participation in phase1 and phase 3 oncology trials

Ethical issues in preconception genetic screening (PhD Project)

Pretend play: children with cancer

Previous research

Dual use and responsible life science research – A bioethical approach (PhD Project)

Ethical competence in medical practice

Ethical dilemmas in telenursing

The effect of the organization of work on moral values of health professionals and their considerations related to prioritizations in health care (Moral Stress)

Patient participation – implications for myocardial infarction care

Retrospective DNA technologies an integrity for historical persons (PhD Project)

Setting priorities for the elderdly in health care - ethical, political and social aspects

Vaccine against HPV – Ethical and social aspects: Survey, exploration and intervention (PhD Project)


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