Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB)

Research Ethics and Bioethics has become increasingly important for Uppsala University. As a result, the Centre for Research Ethics and Bioethics was established on January 1 2008. The centre is placed at the Faculty of Medicine and administratively associated to the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences.

In 2011, Uppsala University conducted an overall evaluation of the University's research, "Quality and Renewal 2011" where CRB came out "top quality".


Our research deals with ethical, legal and social aspects of medicine and biology (bioethics) and the application of ethical principles and values to different scientific topics (research ethics).

Our research topics cover a wide range of ethical questions related to biobanks and registry research, ethical review, informed consent, medical treatment of patients, nursing, explanations of human consciousness, quality of life, end of life care and more.

The methods we use range from analytical philosophical methods to empirical studies using both qualitative and quantitative methods.


Ethics is part of the curriculum for both the nursing and medicine programmes at Uppsala University. We offer a web based course in neuroethics and an advanced level course on ethics and public health. We also offer research ethics courses for postgraduate students at all faculties.


CRB is an associate member of the European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics (EACME)


The Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics is an interfaculty centre that is governed by a board of University representatives and led by a Director. The Centre is administratively associated to the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine.

Board composition

  • Pernilla Åsenlöf (chair)m Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Ylva Söderfeldt, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Thomas Lennerfors, Science and Technology

Student representatives

  • Karl Bylander, student representative
  • Elena Prats, PhD Student
  • Frida Stam, PhD Student (substitue)