Education: Teaching and learning ethics & law

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Good teaching is informed by sound research. All of our lecturers are involved in research, and most of our researchers and PhD students teach. We teach students in medicine, nursing, technology and natural science. We organise separate courses in public health and ethics, neuroethics, and ethics in research, writing and communication. And we teach both PhD students and researchers at Uppsala University! 

Our aim is to help students and staff develop the competence they need to identify the values that are at stake when they face ethical dilemmas in their profession. We are responsible for ethics teaching for students, future nurses, physicians, engineers and scientists, at Uppsala University. For those who want to immerse themselves, we offer advanced level courses about public health, neuroethics, and ethics in research, writing and communication open to anyone who meets admission criteria! We are also responsible for ethics teaching in compulsary research ethics courses for PhD students in medicine, pharmacy, science and technology. From 2022, we also offer mandatory courses for newly hired researchers and teachers in the disciplinary domain of medicine and pharmacy. 

Last modified: 2022-11-09