Research ethics training for staff

We offer Uppsala University’s mandatory research ethics training for new teachers and researchers in the disciplinary domain of medicine and pharmacy.

All new employees who do research or teach within the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy and that are employed for at least a year will take part in research ethics during their first year at Uppsala University. As will everyone who is about to become main supervisor to their first PhD student.

Professors, senior lecturers and researchers will be offered this training. In addition, staff at the University Hospital’s Centre for Clinical Research, other disciplinary domains, and those already employed at the university will be offered the opportunity to join.

The training has no official start date and the training will run at your own pace during a semester. The examination takes place via self-correcting tests. When you have answered all the questions correctly, you can get a diploma in completed education.

To enroll, please contact Sonja Bjelobaba

Last modified: 2023-03-02