BBMRI-LPC (large prospective cohorts)

Large prospective cohort (LPC) studies are considered the most reliable study design to elucidate causes of human disease, as the design minimizes several major sources of errors in etiological studies and is the only study design that can follow how genes and environment interact over time in the development of human diseases.

The need for collaboration, harmonization and, where possible, standardization becomes vital when the “omics” field is moving to using the LPC-based study design. Sufficiently large study sets of this type can only be achieved by close collaboration between the different large population cohorts in Europe and elsewhere. The project will build a network connecting the established large-scale biobanks to new European biobank initiatives, connecting to relevant European and International organizations.

CRB's role in BBMRI-LPC

We are engaged in the work package providing solutions facilitating fair, transnational access to samples and data to researchers in sorting out the ethical and legal issues regarding transnational access to samples and data.


EU 7th framework programmeThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 313010.


BBMRI-LPC is coordinated by Markus Perola at Helsinki University.

CRB team:

Biobanks- och registerforskning: Etik och juridik

Vi har ägnat många år åt konstruktiv vägledning kring hanteringen av etiska och juridiska aspekter av forskning på mänskligt vävnadsmaterial och persondata. Vi samarbetar med biomedicinare och publicerar våra resultat i vetenskapliga tidskrifter.

Vi har sammanställt våra publikationer (med abstracts) i en rapport. Rapporten är på engelska och uppdaterades i juni 2016.

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Biobank and registry ethics & law, rapportomslag