MEET-AML: Personalised cancer treatment & patient preferences

Patients suffering from acute myologic leukaemia (AML) respond very differently to available treatments. Now, researchers in the multidisciplinary project MEET-AML (funded by the Swedish Research Council) hope to be able to tailor treatment for individual patients with the aid of a new algorithm targeting vulnerabilities in cancerous cells using -omics-data.

Using a new algorithm and integrating patient preferences, researchers in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Finland, and Sweden will spend 3 years developing new treatments for acute myologic leukaemia, a cancer type of cancer where personalised treatment has not previously been available.

But it’s not just the vulnerabilities in the leukaemia cells the researchers are interested in. MEET-AML will also develop ways of integrating patient preferences, what they want and how they make benefit-risk trade-offs, into the personalised treatment. Raising important questions of when and how to integrate patient preferences in medical decision-making.

Patient preferences

Researchers from Uppsala University’s Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics will perform quantitative and qualitative studies about AML-patients’ preferences in Finland, Germany and Italy.

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Swedish Research Council


Ulrik Kihlbom, PhD