Mind the Risk project events

So far, Mind The Risk has hosted 14 events. Partners have also presented their work at over 60 external meetings, workshops and conferences, including university seminars, regional, national and international conferences in Philosophy, Social Sciences, Health Economics, Medicine, Genetics,  Psychology, Political Science and othe domains.

International workshops

4th International Workshop on Risk Information in Genetics

20-22 Feb. 2017, Windermere, UK
Workshop addressing methodological issues related to using discrete choice experiments eliciting preferences related to genetic risk or genetic/genomic technologies.

Shared decision-making in the context of personalized medicine and patient-centered care – Ethical issues, new methods, and dimensions in the field of oncology

5-6 December 2016, Göttingen, Germany
The workshop asked which new concepts of SDM are ethically suitable for personalized medicine and person-centered care in the field of oncology? The workshop focused on various dimensions of ethical and clinical counselling in the context of oncological research, prevention, treatment, cure, and care. Topics included ethically conceptual reflections on new approaches in SDM, tempirical perspectives of patients, physicians and nurses, and perspectives on the political participatory leval.

3rd international MTR workshop; “From theory to practice: Clinical and practical applications of genetic risk research”

12-13 May 2016, Birmingham, UK
Workshop to address the clinical and practical relevance of genetic risk research, and to discuss innovative possibilities for preference elicitation methodologies in this context.

2nd International MTR Workshop: an interdisciplinary approach to medical decision making and risk,

28-29 September 2015, Baveno, Italy<
The workshop focused on individual attitudes and preferences in genetic risk information: methodological and conceptual challenges; risk communication strategies in disease management;genetic services provision and decision making.

1st International MTR Conference on Risk Information in Genetics

16-17 February 2015, Kassel, Germany
First MTR meeting open to external academics. The aim was to discuss the new challenges in the context of genetic risk information.

Participation in international conferences

Special Session on risk information in genetics during the Society for Risk Analysis Conference

16 June 2015, Maastricht, Netherlands
Presentation of work from MTR project to an international multi-disciplinary audience working on risk information from many different perspectives.

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Local meetings and workshops

Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf die Auswirkungen neuer diagnostischer Möglichkeiten in der Medizin

4 May 2018, Göttingen, Germany
Workshop on interdisciplinary perspectives on the effects of new diagnostic possibilities in medicine), in cooperation with Prof. Thomas Lemke (Frankfurt/Main).

Presentation of (preliminary) project results from the empirical studies from Genoperspektiv and Mind the Risk

20 December 2017, Göttingen, Germany
Internal Workshops at the Working Group “Cultural and ethical Studies of Biomedicine”:

Internal Workshop: “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Genetics * But Were Afraid to Ask”

11-12 January 2016, Göttingen, Germany
The aim of the workshop was to provide basic genetic information from a problem-oriented perspective, especially to help contextualize questions from the Social Sciences and Ethics. It also provided a roadmap for researchers dealing with genetics to guide their particular projects and to allow for more interdisciplinary exchange between the Humanities and genetic sciences.

Workshop Inter-disciplinary conceptual framework (Part 2)

10-11 November 2014, Paris, France
Presentation and finalization of concept articles. Discussion and feedback was given to all authors.

Workshop Inter-disciplinary conceptual framework (part 1)

10-11 June 2014, Sandhamn, Sweden
Presentation, discussion and work on first drafts of concept articles. Discussion and feedback was given to all authors.

Kick Off Meeting

27-28 January 2014, Krusenberg (Uppsala) Sweden
The goal of the kick-off was to join all partners of the MTR project and have presentations from each group regarding the work to be accomplished in the first and second year, and to discuss general information and strategies such as authorship and publications etc.

Concept Group Workshop

13 January 2014, Göttingen,Germany
This workshop aimed to discuss and outline the specific concept themes to be studied regarding risk information in genetics in the first year.

Workshop: Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf die Auswirkungen neuer diagnostischer Möglichkeiten in der Medizin (own translation: Interdisciplinary perspectives on the effects of new diagnostic possibilities in medicine), in cooperation with Prof. Thomas Lemke (Frankfurt/Main) Göttingen, Germany 4. May 2018

Project's training on methods

Discrete Choice Experiments

2 Jun. 2016 & March 2017, Manchester, UK
Short course offering interested researchers based at The University of Manchester training in using discrete choice experiments to elicit preferences for healthcare goods or services.

Training in Qualitative Methods

28-29 May 2015, Sandhamn, Sweden
Course on qualitative methods necessary in Bioethics and other Humanities.

Discrete Choice Experiments

4-5 Dec. 2014, Uppsala, Sweden
Short course for project partners on methods in quantitative analysis using discreet choice experiments, a relatively novel method used more and more in health care research

Internal method workshop series on empirical analysis methodologies 

September 2016, Göttingen, Germany
Workshop: Content analysis

December 2015, Göttingen, Germany
Workshop: Focus group research. Both organized by S. Wöhlke & K. Jongsma.

Göttingen, Germany
Workshop: Empirical analysis methodologies, organized by S. Wöhlke. (Courses on empirical methodology necessary for empirical ethics research).