What we will contribute

Today major efforts are made concerning genetic information technology. The aim is to reach a better clinical application of the results and to provide the foundation for a deeper ethical analysis.

We are approaching the problem from philosophy, psychology, medicine, health economics and will also include empirical studies of risk research.The goal is to support support health care, patients and policy makers when it comes evaluation and handling genetic risk information.

current discussions

The project has allowed for a more in‐depth discussion about questions surrounding uncertainty and how this relates to genetic risk. Discussions revolve around understanding how different disciplines consider the relationship between these concepts and how this understanding impacts the use of the terms.

The multidisciplinary nature of the project has also raised the issue of the utility and impact of theoretical papers versus empirical papers (and for the latter, qualitative versus quantitative) to help shape our discussion on risk. Obviously, we do not want or expect one answer to this issue, but remain vigilant regarding these (perceived and real) divides in order to ensure that they do not block progress.

How we work