Academic integrity series for European Academic Integrity Week


We are hosting four lunch webinars in association with European Network for Academic Integrity during European Academic Integrity Week, 19-23 October. One for each day of the week except Wednesday the 21st, Global Ethics Day, when we are encouraging everyone to organise events at their home organisations. 

 “We want to promote academic integrity, and talk about its various aspects. About borderline plagiarism and building our own ethical behaviours in medical research, and about what it means to students and teachers, especially in the time of Covid-19” says Sonja Bjelobaba, vice president of the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) and also employed at Uppsala University’s Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics.

In addition to ENAI’s webinars, their partner organisation International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) is organizing a 20-hour global marathon of events on Global Ethics Day, 21 October, which you can join through their website.

4 webinars on academic integrity

ENAI Lunch Webinars take place 12-13 CET, hosted by Uppsala University. Join us!

  • Monday, October 19th: Student Role in Raising the Right Kind of Awareness for Integrity and Against Contract Cheating
  • Tuesday, October 20th: Where is the borderline of plagiarism?
  • Thursday, October 22ndThe COVID-19 Teacher Qualifications – promoting academic integrity for teaching and learning during the pandemic
  • Friday, October 23rdBuilding your own ethical behaviours in medical research

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Last modified: 2022-01-10