Are you our new Professor of Medical Ethics?


Medical ethics is an interdisciplinary subject of research and education that critically, analytically and empirically studies the ethical and moral aspects of biomedical research and clinical practice. Speak Swedish well enough to teach? We are looking for a new Professor of Medical Ethics to strenghten our clincal research profile. Application deadline 31 March 2020!

The subject area includes working with ethical reflection over the challenges faced by individuals and society in the field of medicine, providing guidance to health care personnel, and raising societal awareness of issues of medical ethics.

Duties include to conduct research, teaching and examination in medical ethics, particularly that which is relevant to the health care system. The role includes collaborating with Region Uppsala, including conducting ethics rounds, seminars and trainings; applying for competitive research grants in Sweden and abroad; and driving and developing the subject area of medical ethics. The position also involves collaborating with and developing the university-wide CRB and its international partnerships. Administrative duties will be required. Duties will include monitoring developments in medical ethics and social developments otherwise that are material to the work of the University. Service in academic representative positions and managerial assignments may be require.

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Last modified: 2022-01-10