ELSI common service for BBMRI-ERIC


BBMRI-ERIC is a platform for long term research collaborations between EU countries. Within the platform, groups can develop standards for technical, legal and ethical purposes and set up criteria for biobanks. It could also offer new possibilities for researchers to communicate with policymakers.

There is a need for an ELSI common service within BBMRI-ERIC. On July 28 BBMRI-ERIC received a joint proposal for an ELSI-service for the European biobank community.
The proposal received input from all the national BBMRI nodes. It was co-ordinated by Anne Cambon Thomsen from Toulouse, and co-directed by Mats G. Hansson from Uppsala, Jasper Bovenberg from Leiden and Marialuisa Lavitrano from Milano.
The proposal lists nine missions for the common service: Monitoring, policy, advising, help-desk, dissemination, providing tools, experience sharing, education and ethics check.

By Mats G. Hansson

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