Biobank Sweden launches ELSI Helpdesk


The Swedish Research Council-funded research infrastructure Biobank Sweden supports healthcare providers and universities with medical faculties working towards national harmonization in biobanking.

Biobank Sweden launches an ELSI Helpdesk on October 29. The support service offers advice and information on the ELSI of biobank research in Sweden.

Research on human tissue samples raises ethical, legal and social questions. How do we protect data when sharing samples? How do we protect the integrity of research participants? How do European regulations apply in a Swedish context? Starting October 29, Swedish researchers and biobankers can consult the Biobank Sweden ELSI Helpdesk to find out!

The Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB) at Uppsala University will coordinate the Helpdesk. Their experts offer support for research projects and monitor knowledge gaps in the biobank community. Through the ELSI Helpdesk, Biobank Sweden will contribute to the integrity of Swedish biobank research.

Whether it regards bioethics, GDPR or informed consent, the Swedish biobank community is invited to contact the Helpdesk.

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