The ethics of families

A lof of our clincal research deals with the ethics of families. Since 2011, we have been part of an international network on the ethics of families.

Initially, the network was funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, but in 2013 the group received funding for 3 years from the Dutch body NWO for the project Practices of Responsibility in Change that will result in a wider and stronger network, joint publications and a full research proposal.

Network members

Expertise Center Ethics of Care at University Medical Center (ECEC), Groningen University the Centre for Biomedical Ethics (CBmE), National University of Singapore  and the Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre (PEALS), Newcastle University on family ethics health and social care and researchers from Michigan State University.

Contact at CRB

Ulrik Kihlbom, Senior Lecturer & Associate Professor in Medical Ethics