Particularism in bioethics, professional ethics and medicine

The Particularism in Bioethics, Professional Ethics and Medicine Network brings together theorists and practitioners from Philosophy, Psychology and Health care. The aim is to explore the ways in which normative critical perspectives challenge the implicit or assumed reductive theoretical paradigm of many current models and measures of ‘value’ in health care contexts in developing new integrative and holistic approaches.

Moral particularism is a philosophical tradition that emphasizes the significance of context in understanding the dynamics of practical rationality and decision-making. This parallels recent developments in debates over the role of judgement in professional ethics and medical epistemology. According to particularists, moral thought and judgement neither need nor should be principle-based but rather requires the exercise of discernment in a case-by-case basis. It is high time to move this theoretical debate into a wider, more practical context. 

The Particularism in Bioethics, Professional Ethics and Medicine Network has members from the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and France. This networks is relatedto  (and to a large part overlapping with) the Values-based Theory Network of the St Catherine Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care.

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Ulrik Kihlbom, Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics

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