Adam Ehlert

Adam Ehlert is a PhD student at CRB. His PhD project explores priority setting in healthcare and focuses on severity as a priority setting criterion. He is interested in to what extent premature death adds to severity, if severity should be understood in subjective or objective terms, and whether we should allow interpersonal aggregation with regards to severity in priority-setting. Ehlert is also examining how health care personnel perceive notions of severity. The aim of the project is to develop a more normatively robust conceptualization of severity as a priority setting criterion in health care.

Ehlert holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Practical philosophy from Uppsala university, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in General linguistics. He has experience from work within bioethics, philosophy of death, personal identity and sports philosophy. He strives to use his background in analytic philosophy further bridge the gap between analytic philosophy and clinical ethics.

He is currently involved in the research project Just Severity, funded by the Swedish Research Council. The research team of Just Severity is multidisciplinary (ethics, economy, law) and has considerable experience of contributing to the academic field of priority setting. Just Severity and Ehlert also collaborate closely with a sister project in Norway (SEVPRI).


Last modified: 2023-04-14