CRB Alumni

PhD students

Ashkan Atry

Ashkan Atry was a PhD student at CRB from 2008-2013. His thesis dealt with questions about doping and fairness in sports: Transforming the Doping Culture: Whose responsibility, what responsibility?

Ewa Axelsson

Ewa Axelsson was an LLD student i Medical Law from 2004-2011. She was connected to CRB through a collaboration with the Department of Law. Her thesis focuses on quality assurance in Swedish health care, responsibility and regulation: Patientsäkerhet och kvalitetssäkring i svensk hälso- och sjukvård

Joanna Stjernschantz Forsberg

Joanna Forsberg was part of the group from 2007-2013. She defended her PhD thesis on biobank research (individual rights and public benefit) on October 6, 2012. She started her PhD studies in bioethics in 2007 and defended her thesis Biobank Research: Individual Rights and Public Benefit in 2012.

Tove Godskesen

Tove Godskesen defended her thesis in September 2015. The aim of project was to understand on what premises Swedish patients decide to participate in phase 1 and phase 3 oncology trials with emphasis on their attitudes regarding risk, own benefits and benefits for future patients. We will also investigate the implications of this understanding for information and consent procedures used when recruiting patients to such trials: Factors associated with participation in phase 1 and phase 3 oncology trials

Maria Gottvall

Maria Gottvall was a PhD student between 2008-2013. Her main area of interest is sexual and reproductive health: Introduction of School-Based HPV Vaccination in Sweden: Knowledge and Attitudes among Youth, Parents, and Staff,

Roya Hakimnia

Roya Hakimnia was a PhD student 2010-2013. Her project used theories of gender and intersectionality on telenursing and to develop a tool for improving gender competence.

Li Jalmsell

Li Jalmsell defended her thesis in September 2015. The project focused on palliative care and end-of-life care in pediatric oncology with a focus not only on the child, but also how different aspects in the end-of-life care affect bereaved family-members long-term. Thesis: Towards Good Palliation for Children with Cancer: Recognizing the Family and the Value of Communication

Linus Johnsson

Linus Johnsson defended his PhD thesis (Trust in Biobank Research) on March 9 2013. During his PhD studies he worked part-time as a medical doctor at a health care centre in Strängnäs. His thesis is entitled Trust in Biobank Research: Meaning and Moral Significance

Frida Kuhlau

Frida Kuhlau defended her thesis on dual use and responsible life science research in March 2013. She started her PhD studies in bioethics in 2007.Her thesis focus was how means and methods in bioethics can be used to prevent proliferation of biological weapons: Responsible Conduct in Dual Use Research: Towards an Ethic of Deliberation in the Life Sciences

Malin Masterton

Malin Masterton defended her thesis Duties to Past Persons: Moral Standing and Posthumous Interests of Old Human Remains in 2010. After her PhD she did a post-doc at CRB on public opinion of science and animal testing within the framework of the COMBINE consortium followed by a project on disaster victim identification and the role of the dead body.

Arvid Puranen

Arvid Puranen was a PhD student with CRB in 2016 when he worked on cardio-pulmonary risk communication.


Omar Gutierrez Arenas

Omar Gutierrez Arenas did his postoc in CRB's neuroethics research team in 2015 and was involved in the Human Brain Project.

Moa Kindström Dahlin

Moa Kindström Dahlin worked with the BBMRI-ERIC ELSI Common Service and taught medical law to students in nursing and medicine between 2015-2017. She holds a LLD in public law from Stockholm University. Her thesis Mental Health Law – Interests, Rights and Principles (2014) is a critical analysis of the Swedish mental health law system from a rights-perspective.

Emil Persson

Emil Persson is an economist and defended his thesis at Gothenburg University in 2016. He joined CRB during 2016 to work with preference elicitation on the PREFER project.

Tobias Renberg

Tobias Renberg was a postdoc researcher at CRB in 2010 working on public opinion of science and animal testing within the framework of the COMBINE consortium. 

Marit Silén

Marit Silén did her postdoc at CRB on ethical climate for staff in psychiatric outpatient care between 2011 and 2014.

Linnea Wickström Östervall

Linnea Wickström Östervall is an Economist, and received her PhD from Stockholm University in September 2014 on a thesis dealing with antibiotics use. Her postdoctoral research focused on health inequality and preferences for informational privacy. She worked with CRB from 2014-2016.

associated researchers

Joanna Stjernschantz Forsberg

Joanna Stjernschantz Forsberg defended her PhD thesis on biobank research (individual rights and public benefit) on October 6, 2012 and was associated to CRB until 8 May 2017. She started her PhD studies in bioethics in 2007. She holds a degree in Medicine from Uppsala University (1998) and a license to practice (2002). Her main area of research was the relationship between rights and duties of individuals and society in healthcare and medical research, in particular in biobank based research and public health ethics.

Julia Inthorn

Juila Inthorn joined CRB in February 2014 as guest researcher from the Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine, University Medical Center Göttingen. Her stay was two months research fellowship funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). She stayed in contact as an associated researcher until 6 April 2017.

Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong

Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong received her PhD from Uppsala University in 2007. She was associated to CRB between 2007-2010. Her research dealt with ethical competence and moral distress in health care, including pharmacies.

Anna Lydia Svalastog

Anna Lydia Svalastog is a full Professor of Social Work at the Østfold University College in Norway. She was associted researcher at CRB until 2016.

Guests and visiting scholars

Jesús Parra Sáez

Jesús Parra Sáez vistied CRB in the autumn 2018. He holds a bachelors degree in philosophy and a masters degree in contemporary philosophy from the University of Murcia. Currently, he is a PhD student in applied ethics research line at the same university. His research focus is the ethical-political problems of biotechnological human enhancement. During his pre-doctoral stay at CRB, he will investigate the consequences of radical extension of human physical and cognitive abilities, the extension of life. He will investigate the impact of such radical human improvement on the human brain, mind and identity. 

Cornelia Tandre

Cornelia Tandre is an undergraduate student in Psychology at Lunds Universitet. She joined CRB to work with the SIENNA-project from June to August 2018.

Robert Spörndly

Robert Spördly spent a semester with CRB as a 5th year medical student. He investigated perspectives on inclusion of patients with foreign background in clinical research for a thesis project.

Daniel Pallarés Domínguez

Daniel Pallarés Domínguez joined CRB in the autumn 2013. He holds a degree in Humanities from the University Jaume I of Castellón in Spain. He also holds a Pedagogy degree in piano from Conservatory Superior Music de Castellón, and Masters degree in Ethics and Democracy from the University Jaume I of Castellón.

Daniel Pallarés Domínguez  is currently a PhD candidate of the Doctoral Program in Ethics and Democracy, with the thesis project: The relationship neuroethics emotion right: implications for the content of the moral dimension, directed by Senior Researcher Elsa González Esteban.

Yusuke Inoue

Yusuke Inoue was a guest researcher from the Department of Public Policy, the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo (IMSUT) between October 2012 and February 2014.

Julia Inthorn

Juila Inthorn from from the Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine, University Medical Center Göttingen joined CRB in February 2014. She stayed at CRB as a research fellow for two months funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Her current research projects focus on genetic risk information and preconceptional genetic carrier screening. Her research interests are in the field of genetic testing and genetic screening, intercultural bioethics and empirical ethics. Julia Inthorn holds a master in Mathematics and a doctoral degree in Philosophy. She has also worked and published on ethical issues at the end of life, power and autonomy and biopolitics. She is currently an associated researcher at CRB.

Louiza Kalokairinou

Louiza Kalokairinou is a PhD Fellow of of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law at KU Leuven.She holds an LLM in Intellectual Property Law and an Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics. Her research interests revolve around ethical, legal and social aspects of genetics and genomics and the patentability of biotechnological inventions.

Her PhD project on the ethical and legal aspects of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing is supervised by Pascal Borry at KU Leuven and Heidi C. Howard at CRB. She was visiting CRB between May and June 2015 funded by a CHIP ME short-Term Scientific Mission.

Sonia Mansour Robaey

Sonia Mansour Robaey is Assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Saint Paul University, Ottawa. She spent one month with CRB in May 2013 working together with Kathinka Evers on Neuroethical issues.

Álvaro Mendes

Álvaro Mendes is a post-doc fellow at i3S - Institute for Health Research and Innovation, CGPP, University of Porto, Portugal. He holds a PhD in Health Sciences and Technology and a degree in clinical psychology. His research interests are in the field of genetic counseling and on the ethical and social aspects of genomics. His current research addresses the communication of genetic risk information within families. He visited the CRB in November and December 2015 in the scope of a Short-Term Scientific Mission of the CHIPME COST Action (IS1303).

Serena Oliveri

Serena Oliveri, PhD, is a Post-Doc researcher in Cognitive Psychology and Decision-Making processes at the University of Milan and a member of  the Applied Research Unit for Cognitive and Psychological Science at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO).

She is involved in Mind the Risk and spent one month with CRB in November-December 2014. Her research interests focus on medical decision making, risk analysis related to genetic information, effects on cognitive functions of cancer treatments and cognitive enhancement.