Åsa Grauman

Åsa Grauman

Åsa Grauman

PhD, Researcher

Åsa Grauman is particularly interested in how people perceive their risk of health threats. She is currently investigating how people perceive their risk of developing breast- and colorectal cancers, and how risk information may harm individuals.

She also studies cancer patients' (acute myological leukemia and colorectal cancer) preferences and perspectives on individualized treatment using algorithms sequences techniques. The research is part of the multidisciplinary projects MEET-AML and ONCOLOGICS. Within the IMI-research project Screen4care, she studies parents' preferences regarding newborn screening for rare diseases.

Åsa Grauman has a master's degree in public health science and has a doctorate in medical science from Uppsala University. Her PhD project was about how people perceive their risk of suffering from heart disease, how people are affected by cardiovascular risk information and their preferences of how risk information should be conveyed.

E-mail: asa.grauman@crb.uu.se
Phone: +46 18 471 62 44

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Informing about cardiovascular risk

Any health care interventions should be made after careful consideration of the benefits and risks for the individual. But experts and the general public sometimes have different views on what the benefit actually is. Understanding how the public perceives risk is important for designing the information correctly: to build on the individual's pre-understanding, to bridge knowledge gaps, and to correct inaccuracies. From a societal perspective, it is also important to ensure that health care efforts are equal. By examining which groups benefit from the efforts, they can be directed towards particularly vulnerable groups and individuals.

This policy brief contains Åsa Grauman's recommendations for how best to inform the public about the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular risk (in Swedish)

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