Manuel Guerrero

Manuel Guerrero

Manuel Guerrero

PhD, Researcher

Manuel Guerrero is a sociologist and bioethicist with extensive experience in human rights. He has a doctorate in sociology and postgraduate diplomas in medical ethics and research ethics. He is part of the Neuroethics and Philosophy research group at the Center for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB) at Uppsala University. He is also an affiliated researcher at the Division of Occupation Therapy at the Department of Neurobiology, Caring Sciences and Society (NVS) at Karolinska Institutet and an Assistant Professor of Bioethics at the Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanities University of Chile. Since 2016, has led the Human Brain Projects (EU FET Flagship) Ethics Rapporteur Program. From January 2021, together with Kathinka Evers, he is responsible for the ethical and philosophical component of the Neurotwin EIC Pathfinder project, which will build hybrid brain models to design personal optimisation strategies to treat Alzheimer's disease. He integrates Biobank Sweden's council for legal, ethical issues in the biobank area.

Manuel Guerrero's research activities combine philosophy, social sciences and neuroethics, focusing on human rights and the ethical and social implications of brain research and neurotechnology, as well as the promotion of responsible research and innovation (RRI). He lectures students at the undergraduate and graduate level on bioethics, research ethics and philosophy of science.

Mobile: +46 76 416 81 56
Twitter: @manuel_guerrero


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