Jennifer Drevin

Jennifer Drevin

Jennifer Drevin

Postdoc researcher

Jennifer Drevin is a postdoc researcher, studying donation of human embryonic stem cells for development of advanced therapeutic medical products. Her research is a subproject within the SweLife ATMP project, funded by Vinnova. Jennifer Drevin studies the values and preferences of donors, patients, the general public, and policy makers in relation to donation of human embryonic stem cells for development of therapeutic treatments. She uses preference studies to understand how stakeholders balance their different interests and values. Jennifer Drevin is also part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) funded ConcePTION project.

Jennifer Drevin is a registered nurse, holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Doctoral degree in Medicine from Uppsala University. In her PhD project she conducted epidemiological and psychometric studies within the field of Reproductive Health.

Phone: +46 18 471 62 88


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