Karl Persson de Fine Licht

Karl Persson de Fine Licht

Associated researcher

Karl Persson de Fine Licht is an associated researcher at CRB. He is also frequently hired as a university lecturer at the University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University hospital where he holds courses in public health ethics and theory of science, just to name two examples. Last, but not least, he has a permanent position as a researcher at the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden where he has several projects on social values and city development.

In addition to questions about social values and how they may be affected by city development, Karl Persson de Fine Lichts research interests include bioethics with a focus on priority-setting in health related contexts, and questions about responsibility. Who is responsible for what, on what grounds, and what, if anything should follow from it? His main focus today is about whether addicts are responsible for their criminal and health related behavior and whether the answer to this question should affect the level of punishment or priority in health care related contexts.

E-mail: karl.licht@crb.uu.se

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