Michele Farisco

Michele Farisco

Michele Farisco

Postdoc Researcher

Michele Farisco, PhD, is part of CRB's neuroethics research team as a postdoc researcher working on Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroethics within the Human Brain Project. He holds a MA in Philosophy from University of Naples "L'Orientale" in 2003, a PhD in "Ethics and Anthropology. History and Foundation" from University of Lecce in 2008, a Master degree in Biolaw from the University of Rome "Lumsa" in 2009, and a PhD in Neuroscience and Philosophy from Uppsala University in 2019. He spent time on an exchange grant from the European Neuroscience and Society Network within the European Science Foundation joining the Coma Science Group of the University of Liège (Belgium). He is the head of the "Science and society" research unit of Biogem Genetic Research Centre in Ariano Irpino (Italy). He is the author of four books and several articles about posthuman philosophy, philosophical, ethical and legal implications (ELSI) of genetics and neuroscience, consciousness (with a particular focus on disorders of consciousness), addiction, Artificial Intelligence, and neuroethics. He was awareded the title of Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy in Italy in 2015. 

His current research focuses on consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, and reciprocal connection. Specifically, in collaboration with empirical scientists from inside and outside the HBP, his research aims at developing a philosophical and ethical framework for the experimental and computational explorations of cognition and consciousness. To illustrate, he is collaborating in the elaboration of concrete empirical, theoretical, and behavioural criteria for ascribing consciousness to people with disorders of consciousness, animals, and machines, and he is engaged in exploring the arising ethical issues.

E-mail: michele.farisco@crb.uu.se
Phone: +46 18 471 65 66

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Finding hidden awareness

Patients with disorders that affect their consciousness are often unable to communicate. Sometimes there is a hidden awareness somewhere in the patient’s brain, but how do we find it? Michele Farisco is Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy, doing his second PhD in Neuroethics.

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Michele Farisco
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