Tove Godskesen

Tove Godskesen

Tove Godskesen

PhD, Associated Researcher

Tove Godskesen is RN and associate professor in medical ethics at Uppsala University.

CRB is conducting several research projects examining ethical issues within various healthcare contexts. One of these projects, led by Niklas Juth, Joar Björk, and Godskesen, focuses on coercive practice in somatic healthcare. Concurrently, the research investigates the challenges research nurses face when obtaining patient consent for patient-centered clinical research.

Another focus in Godskesen's research pertains to ethical challenges associated with prolonged or life-threatening illnesses. The research encompasses diverse healthcare and research environments, such as pediatric oncology, intensive care, organ transplantation, home healthcare, and residential care facilities. The objective is to enhance ethical competence within these domains and explore concepts like vulnerability, dignity, integrity, and autonomy.

Research ethics and publication ethics constitute a third focal point. Within healthcare, we strive for evidence-based medicine and nursing, grounded in reliable and accurate research. We analyze the consequences of scientific misconduct, including its impact on treatment and care quality, as well as the risk of patient harm. Furthermore, we shed light on the adverse implications for the academic credentialing system.

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Nursing Ethics & Ethics of Care

Nursing ethics is concerned with the moral dimensions of nursing practice while the ethics of care is a normative ethical theory. For many years CRB has developed these fields from different angles. We have used qualitative studies to describe and explore the kinds of ethical dilemmas nurses encounter in their day-to-day work and how they solve them. Other studies have investigated the role of ethical guidelines in the building of ethical competence in nursing practice and in priority setting. In this report, we provide a summary of our research.

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