Becoming a visiting scholar

External funding is always necessary. If funded, your stay can be either a leave of absence fellowship, a sabattical (or partial sabattical) fellowship or a post doc stipend.

  • For stays longer than three months, a residence permit is necessary.
  • Funding opportunities in Sweden include guest scholarship programme for PhD students and post-docs from the Swedish Institute, post-doc stipends from the Swedish Research Council, grants from STINT (the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education) or Nordforsk.

Please note that CRB cannot guarantee housing.


Leave of absence fellowship: If your University grants you leave of absence (without salary) we can offer you employment at Uppsala University for a period of 6-12 months, subject to funding.

Sabbatical fellowship (or parital sabbatical): If your University agrees to cover your salary (or part of your salary) we offer sabbatical fellowships. Subject to funding, we can compensate the difference in income for partial sabbatical fellowships. 

Visa, residence- and work permits

For stays shorter than three months, no residence permit is needed. However, residents of some countries may need visas.

More information & help

The International Faculty and Staff Services provide complementary and in-depth support and information to international researchers, lecturers, doctoral students and administrative staff at Uppsala University. Visit their website for up-to date links to relevant information.


It is very difficult to find apartments in Uppsala and the University doesn't have housing to meet the demand from international guests. Contact the University Housing Office as soon as you can to apply for accomodation.