Josepine Fernow

Josepine Fernow


Josepine Fernow works with research dissemination and communication. She co-ordinates activities and manages CRB’s external and internal communications. She is the communications manager and public lead for the management work package in the IMI-funded public-private partnership PREFER and leads communication work packages in the H2020 funded SIENNA and STARBIOS2 projects.

Phone: +46 18 471 62 22


  • Godskesen, Tove; Fernow, Josepine; Eriksson, Stefan

    Quality of online information about phase I clinical cancer trials in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

    Part of European Journal of Cancer Care, 2018.

    Open access
  • Sandin, Per; Fernow, Josepine

    Individual and Societal Responsibilities: Ethical dilemmas related to interventions (Workshop)

    Part of Ending Childhood Obesity. Actions through Health and Food Equity, p. 14-19, 2016.

    Open access